5 things you need to know about shipping wine in the summer

June 26th, 2020

Summer time, longer days, and more down time invite a good glass of wine. But what if you didn’t have your favorite wines shipped in the spring, and it’s already 90 degrees? You might be worried about “cooked” wine showing up at your doorstep.

We have good news. Shipping wine during the summer is tricky, but possible. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Select temperature control or summer shipping options during checkout. Temperature control takes longer but is the safest; summer shipping means overnight and has been shown to be very safe. Delivery will take place before noon in metropolitan areas.
  2. Be alert to emailed shipping confirmation and track your shipment. Most problems are due to recipients not being home at the time of delivery. Unfortunately, this can mean the carrier will keep the package in their hot truck all day until another attempt the following day.
  3. Styrofoam packaging with ice does work. It’s not ideal, we agree, but is an option if the weather is warm but under 90 degrees.
  4. A well-packed case of wine is more likely to retain the ideal temperature than a couple of bottles. In addition, the shipping price per bottle decreases with quantity.
  5. Finally, it is easy to know that you received cooked wine if the cork has popped. But even this sign may not happen. If the wine is cooked, it may have aromas of stewed fruit, along with a more acidic and nutty taste.

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