Join us in “Move With Love” to remember Melinda’s story on May 15

March 30th, 2021

Are you confused by the many types, colors, and flavors of rosé wine? Our sister Melinda Taplin was, until she spent a year in France and fell in love with Provençal rosé: dry, with gentle flower and fruit aromas.

Back home, she dreamed of making rosé in California. After years of work, including partnering with French winemaker Julien Fayard, Taplin Cellars began to produce an intentionally Provençal style rosé, with a delicate pale peach hue and fresh aromas of sweet citrus zest, honey, and flowers.

Melinda oversaw the first vintage of her rosé, and made sure it was what she envisioned, but soon after lost her battle with breast cancer.

Her family wants to make sure women of future generations achieve and enjoy their dreams, without the burden of breast cancer. They use the profits of this wine to contribute to Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, which excels in involving the public in cancer research and places emphasis on education that empowers women.

Join us for Move With Love 2021 and sign up on Team Melinda. On May 15, 2021, walk, bike,  jump, swim, or downward dog―whatever suits you. Post on social media and tag us with #RoseforLove and #MoveWithLove2021.

How to join Team Melinda:
1. Visit:
2. Click “Register,” then “Join a Team.”
3. Choose Team Melinda.
4. Once you’ve completed your registration, check your email for a confirmation message. Click the button that says, “Claim your fundraising page.”
5. Share your page with family and friends! All donations made to your page will support Team Melinda.

You can reserve your 2020 Melinda’s rosé here.

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